Targeted Investments

Riot Blockchain has invested in unique projects, which decentralize markets; combining real-world applications with an active development team, strong fundamentals, and large addressable markets.


Tesspay plans to develop a blockchain-based escrow service for wholesale telecom carriers that guarantees payment in full and on time. Rather than entering into a traditional written legal agreement, carriers would enter into a Tess Smart Contract, whereby the terms are represented programmatically and are immutable. All Tess Smart Contracts would be funded and paid for with Tess USD Minute-Tokens (MUSD). Credit risk related to extended payment terms, typically 30/30, is eliminated since all contracts would be fully or partially funded.

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Verady provides cryptocurrency accounting and audit technology services through VeraNet, where financial institutions, corporations and individuals can audit, account and report on blockchain assets. Verady believes traditional accounting systems, firms and standards are currently lacking functionality around cryptocurrencies. VeraNet will be the bridge between cryptocurrencies and traditional financial accounting, which is needed to further their acceptance and growth.

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