Quarterly report pursuant to Section 13 or 15(d)

Segment Information

Segment Information
3 Months Ended
Mar. 31, 2022
Segment Reporting [Abstract]  
Segment Information

Note 17. Segment Information

The Company applies ASC 280, Segment Reporting, in determining its reportable segments. The Company has three reportable segments: Mining, Hosting, and Engineering. The guidance requires that segment disclosures present the measure(s) used by the CODM to decide how to allocate resources and for purposes of assessing such segments’ performance. The Company’s CODM is comprised of several members of its executive management team who use revenue and cost of revenues of our three reporting segments to assess the performance of the business of our reportable operating segments.

No operating segments have been aggregated to form the reportable segments. The Company does not allocate all assets to the reporting segments as these are managed on an entity-wide basis. Therefore, the Company does not separately disclose the total assets of its reportable operating segments. $29.4 million of goodwill from the ESS Metron acquisition is allocated to our Engineering segment and $319.7 million of goodwill from the Whinstone Acquisition is allocated to our Hosting segment.

The Mining segment generates revenue from the Bitcoin the Company earns through its mining activities. The Hosting segment generates revenue from long-term customer contracts for the provision/consumption of electricity, construction of infrastructure, operation of data centers and maintenance/management of computing capacity from the Company’s data center facility in Rockdale, Texas. The Engineering segment generates revenue through customer contracts for custom engineered electrical products.

The Hosting segment purchases custom engineered electrical products from the Engineering segment in the ordinary course of business. Effective January 1, 2022, the Mining segment entered into a colocation services agreement with the Hosting segment whereby the Mining segment is charged a base colocation fee per miner deployed at Whinstone plus a performance fee calculated as a percentage of gross mining profit. The revenue and cost of revenues from intersegment transactions have been eliminated in the consolidated statements of operations in accordance with U.S. GAAP. For purposes of segment reporting, the revenues and cost of revenues for each segment are presented in the table below on a stand-alone basis, with the intersegment eliminations presented separately, such that total revenue and total cost of revenues total to the consolidated statements of operations. All other revenues are from external customers. No single third-party customer or related group of third-party customers contributed 10% or more of the Company’s total consolidated revenue during the three months ended March 31, 2022 and 2021. However, two customers accounted for nearly all of the Company’s third-party Hosting revenue.

For the three months ended March 31, 2022, approximately 57% of the Company’s mining revenue was generated from our Whinstone Facility in Rockdale, Texas, and the remaining 43% was generated from the Coinmint Facility in New York.


The following table details revenue and cost of revenues for the Company's reportable segments for the three months ended March 31, 2022 and 2021, and reconciles to net income (loss) on the unaudited condensed consolidated statements of operations:

    Three months ended March 31,  
    2022     2021  
Reportable segment revenue:                
 Revenue, net - mining   $ 57,945     $ 23,173  
 Revenue, net - hosting     21,039      
 Revenue, net - engineering     15,238      
Other revenue     24       24  
Eliminations     (14,459 )    
Total segment and consolidated revenue     79,787       23,197  
Reportable segment cost of revenues (exclusive of depreciation and amortization shown below):                
Cost of revenues - mining     23,931       7,534  
Cost of revenues - hosting     21,492      
Cost of revenues - engineering     13,552      
Eliminations     (13,347 )    
Total segment and consolidated cost of revenues (exclusive of depreciation and amortization shown below)     45,628       7,534  
Reconciling Items:                
Selling, general and administrative     (10,910 )     (5,462 )
Depreciation and amortization     (14,245 )     (2,846 )
Change in fair value of derivative asset     46,235      
Change in fair value of contingent consideration     (176 )    
Realized gain on sale/exchange of cryptocurrencies     9,236      
Impairment of cryptocurrencies     (26,390 )    
Interest and other income (expense)     (357 )     175  
Unrealized loss on marketable equity securities     (1,611 )    
Current income tax expense     (312 )    
 Net income   $ 35,629     $ 7,530