Jason Les

Jason Les

Chief Executive Officer

Jason is the driving force behind the Company’s mission to become one of the most relevant and significant companies supporting the Bitcoin network.  He has been deeply involved with Bitcoin since 2013, with significant experience in cryptocurrency mining, and as an engineer studying protocol development, and contributing to open-source projects.

Jason was also a founding partner of Binary Digital, a software-development company where he led the engineering team and coordinated project development for artificial intelligence, reverse engineering, and inter-software compatibility projects.

Additionally, Jason’s background includes over a decade of unique experience as a former professional heads-up poker player during which he has successfully competed in high-stakes games online, in addition to the most prestigious, high-stakes tournaments in the world.  In 2015 and 2017, he was selected as a human benchmark for testing the world’s best poker artificial intelligence in what was dubbed “Man vs Machine” at Carnegie Mellon University in 2015 and 2017.

Jason holds a Bachelor of Science in Information & Computer Science from UC Irvine.

Jeffrey G. McGonegal

Jeffrey G. McGonegal

Chief Financial Officer

Jeff is the longest-standing member of Riot’s executive team and resumed his duties as the Company’s permanent CFO in February 2021.  During 2019 and 2020 he had served as Riot’s CEO.

Jeff brings decades of experience and steadfast leadership to the Company, both critical characteristics in emerging industries such as Riot’s.  In addition, he brings extensive hands-on experience in working with growing companies, achieving enhanced value for shareholders.  His career has spanned over forty years in senior leadership roles working as an audit partner with a national accounting firm, in addition to roles as an executive within multiple public entities.  He has in-depth expertise in matters pertaining to mergers and acquisitions, as well as SEC public reporting compliance, private offerings, IPOs, secondary offerings, and exploring and analyzing financing alternatives.

Jeff started his public accounting career with BDO USA, LLP.  From 1974 to 1997, he was an accountant with BDO USA, LLP, most recently serving as Managing Partner of the BDO office in Denver, Colorado.  He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in accounting from Florida State University and became a Certified Public Accountant in 1975, now retired.

Megan Brooks

Megan Brooks

Chief Operating Officer

Megan Brooks’ experience includes over 20 years in operations, risk management, and finance with seven years of executive management. Brooks has a B.S. in Finance, along with a Masters Certificate of Accountancy from University of Houston, C.T. Bauer College of Business, certification in risk management and is a licensed Risk Manager.

Brooks is highly experienced in emerging industries and navigating new regulatory territories. As Chief Operating Officer of Riot, she brings comprehensive experience in operations, finance, and risk management to the Riot Team. Brooks oversees Riot’s operations, including mining, IT/Cybersecurity, SoX control design/implementation, and initiatives related to future expansion.

During her time in the risk management/insurance industry Brooks received a global award for Power 50 "One to Watch List" and has written numerous pieces for global publications. Brooks worked with emerging insurance domiciles and regulatory bodies to design and implement guidelines/legislature for financial reporting, solvency, and asset portfolios. Further she provided tax planning, audit management, investment solutions, lending, and reinsurance programs for clients across multiple industries from real estate to manufacturing.

Ryan Werner

Vice President, Finance

Mr. Werner joined Riot Blockchain in March 2021, after spending the past eight years as Senior Director of Real Estate & Transactions Accounting at UDR Inc. (NYSE: UDR), a member of the S&P 500 and a multifamily real estate investment trust (REIT). Prior to UDR, Mr. Werner was Director of External Reporting & Debt Accounting at Archstone, another multifamily REIT. Mr. Werner started his career in Ernst & Young’s audit practice, primarily specializing in publicly traded companies. Mr. Werner’s significant public accounting experience bolsters Riot’s already highly experienced finance team. Mr. Werner is a Certified Public Accountant and holds a Master of Accounting & Information Systems degree and a Bachelor of Science in Accounting & Business Administration degree, both from the University of Kansas.

Phil McPherson

Vice President, Capital Markets

Mr. McPherson joined Riot Blockchain in March 2021, after spending the past eight years as CFO of Citadel Exploration Inc. Prior to Citadel Mr. McPherson spent fifteen years on the sell side of the capital markets, predominantly in an equity research capacity, focused on the energy sector. Mr. McPherson also currently serves on the Board of Directors of Barnwell Industries (NYSE: BRN) as a member of its Audit committee and Chairman of its Reserve Committee. Mr. McPherson brings a wealth of knowledge and more than two decades experience in the public markets to Riot, and will lead the Company’s investor relations initiatives, in addition to supporting Riot’s other capital markets-related initiatives. Mr. McPherson received his Bachelor of Science in Economics from East Carolina University.

Chad Everett Harris

Chad Everett Harris

CEO of Whinstone

Chad Everett Harris is the CEO of Whinstone and brings his vast entrepreneur and executive leadership skills to the Riot leadership team. As one of the key founders of Whinstone's inception in 2018, Chad has helped to build the company into North America’s most significant Bitcoin hosting facility in just a few short years.

As a serial entrepreneur with a track record of building successful and profitable firms, Chad has used his marketing experiences in customer retention, acquisition, and negotiations to help businesses achieve successes. As a true entrepreneur, he took the opportunity to move into the Data Center Development & Construction sector laterally. Chad's ability to leverage his experience in construction, data analysis, and finance over the last thirty years provides him with a well-balanced approach to capture profitability from unrecognized sources.

Not only have Chad’s entrepreneurial efforts resulted in tremendous profits but he has been recognized by a multitude of organizations and media for his efforts. Including receiving the 2020 Community Economic Development Award And many other previous awards, including Holding a ranking in INC and being named one of the Top 100 Internet Retailer.

Lyle Theriot

Lyle Theriot

COO of Whinstone

Lyle Theriot has served as the COO of Whinstone since 2018 and brings his vast knowledge of construction operations to the Riot leadership team. As one of the founders of Whinstone, Lyle leveraged his transformational operating skills in quickly building Whinstone into North America’s most significant Bitcoin hosting facility in just a few short years.

Lyle shared success within Whinstone has been his ability to design and build quickly & provide custom design and adapting this to the unique nature of the new and ever-changing Bitcoin industry. For his efforts as COO of Whinstone, Lyle was awarded the 2020 Texas Economic Development Council - Community Economic Development Award for Secondary Benefit for the Whinstone Data Center Project.

Starting his career in construction management focusing on communication and team building, Lyle gained the needed skills to effectively solve complex construction problems and build with speed and efficiency. As a mentor and leader of talent, Lyle leverages his relationship and coaching skills to develop effective, high-performing staff members.

Ashton Harris

Ashton Harris

CTO of Whinstone

Ashton Harris has served as the CTO of Whinstone since 2021, previously serving as CIO since its inception in 2018, and brings deep technical knowledge to the Riot leadership team. Ashton leverages his technical knowledge and his business acumen in creating an effective enterprise technology strategy. Ashton's strategy focuses on providing scalable solutions for the facility’s technical design and software. This has been essential to the growth of Whinstone in becoming the leading Bitcoin hosting facility, in North America.

Ashton came across Bitcoin in 2011, and was enamored by the idea of a distributed, internet native, electronic cash.  This passion led him to forgo his post-secondary career during his freshman year in college and choose a different path, to build his first mining farm. His early knowledge in mining farms, Bitcoin, and the emerging technology in the industry has made a solid foundation to help pioneer the future infrastructure of Bitcoin hosting technology.

As one of the founders of Whinstone, Ashton helped to build the firm with his colleagues Chad Harris and Lyle Theriot.

David Schatz

David Schatz

Vice President, Operations of Whinstone

David Schatz is the Vice President of Operations at Whinstone. In this capacity, he manages over 100 employees and has implemented safety programs, performance incentives, CPR training, and benefits for all Whinstone team members. David's hard work led him to be promoted into his director role in early 2021.

His ability to manage and lead team members comes from years of working side by side to better manage work efficiencies. David’s leadership skills were shaped from his previous role at TriMet where; in a career spanning eight years, he mastered the art of leadership and mentoring staff.  With a passion for process improvements, David has used this skill to identify gaps in business and successfully implement process improvements to improve operational deficiencies.

David also has in-depth technical training from Mt. Hood Community College and Portland Community College, where he gained a tremendous mechanical foundation.  His training has allowed David to tackle challenging technical issues and mentor his large staff to solve the most complex problems.